Friday, February 20, 2009

On a lazy afternoon.............

Well nothing specifically happened if you are thinking on those lines just by looking above... well i mean looking at the heading above.... i am in office and have just finished my lunch comprising of Roti and Rajma... now don't crinkle your nose at that combination as there is no universal rule written anywhere which says rajma should always be accompanied by chawal... anyway so after lunch i normally feel lazy for as short as 2-3hours....which by my standard is nothing...and even today is no exception and as i sat in front of the laptop with eyes waiting to fall asleep and desparately searching for things to do or news that are interesting enough to keep me awake, this idea of writing my second blog came to my mind....

And as i was contemplating what to write and how, a very thought provoking thought came to my mind... why do we actually feel sleepy after a heavy and hearty meal??? actually in my case its after every meal heavy or not :).... one of my frend gave me a very heavy and hearty answer to this.... she said that after a heavy meal the body requires more amount of energy to digest the food, since energy is used up by the body, we feel tired and hence sleepy.... though this is an answer with a twist of science in it, my "impossible to satisfy mind" refuses to take this as the only reason.... i mean if this explains our sleepiness after heavy meal, then what happens after a light meal? since we are advised to eat our dinner like a popper, that is very light, so how do we et sleep at night?? or is it that the body has different activity for sleep at different times???

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  1. that's a pretty difficult question to answer