Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breakup not breakdown

CD says.... "Break-ups are always good because
1) It removes a wrong person from life
2) It teaches how to be 'yourself'
3) It gives another chance to fall in love"

Published in public interest :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Complicated...

Or so i say... But then what is not complicated... Complication has become a part and parcel of our life. The other day someone i know had called up to invite me for his marriage. After the initial exchange of niceties, he sadly informed me that the person he is marrying is his close friend and not the love of his life. I was surprised and quite naturally asked the reason for this. He answered " Its complicated".

My collegue's 12years old daughter had written a paragraph in her exam in answer to a one word answer question which was " How is H2O popularly known as?" When she asked the kid why she had explained so much, the kid answered "Its complicated" definitely than it seems. Surely n0 one would ask such simple questions in exams.

So is Complicated the new word enveloping our life? Is it actually so difficult to keep it simple? I sometime wonder what does it take to be and remain simple... And in course of that self introspection, i realised that its not complicated. We just don't like it simple anymore. Simple is boring, monotonous, shallow and without excitement. Complicated on the other hand is fun. The very idea of something complex gives some of us a kick, the excitement of the unresolved. Somewhat like a mystery and we are ready to live our life being complicated. The more complex it is, the more fun.

So be it. The next time you dont want to answer or try to avoid explanation, you know whats the phrase to fall back on. Till then "It's complicated"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Zero One Zero

Happy New Year to all....

Time really flies... it seems just yesterday when i celebrated 2009.... and in a jiffy its gone and we are in a brand new year... Let us look at 2009 for one last time before we move forward... 2009 was a year when----
  • India proved it's mettle in fighting the economic slowdown. It is poised for a 7-7.5 % growth..way ahead of the developed nations
  • India became the World's best Team in Test cricket
  • Sachin "Master Blaster' Tendulkar completed 20 Years in International Cricket
  • Ramaling Raju became the face of biggest Scam of Corporate India
  • Deepak Parikh and his Team emerged as saviour's of Satyam's reputation and reemergence as a Software companny to reckon
  • The HINI Flu was declared a worldwide pandemic
  • Slumdog Millionaire bagged 8 Oscers, one of the highest for any movie
  • Bandra Worli sealink was inaugurated
  • Kasab became vegetarian
  • 3idiots created history
  • Calcutta witnessed the coldest winter of the decade

So that was quiet something and my life was not untouched as well.... here is a not so long list of my gains and things i would have definitely done without last year....

  • A much deserved and awaited promotion with a decent hike in tight recession situation
  • Increased responsibilty at work with a decent incentive
  • Lost money in a mutual fund
  • Broke my heart twice
  • Lost a very close friend (but not to death)
  • Made a couple of new friends
  • Enjoyed 3IDIOTS

Now that i have bade the year final farewell, its time to look forward and one thing which i shall strive to do much more this year would be some serious blogging.... In case you are wondering, this is not a resolution.....

Happy New year once again.... Let's RoCk!!!!